Infomaximum: active business analytics with Proceset
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$4M in lost profits
unlocked for a top 5
bank in Russia

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547,000 hours per year saved in labor costs for a top 5 bank in Russia

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Work of 23,000 employees is analyzed automatically in a top 3 bank in Russia

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Proceset is an active business analytics platform

Business Intelligence

Create custom analytical dashboards

Process Mining

Control process execution and reveal all types of process inefficiencies

Task Mining

Monitor employees' performance to analyze labor costs and find ways for optimization


Automate actions and make data-based business decisions with preset automation scripts

Customer Journey Tracking

Analyze actual client path and interaction efficiency across channels

Individual online presentation

Key solutions

Business Process

Business Process

  • Business process quality improvement
  • Eliminating problems and bottlenecks of the process
  • Process conformance monitoring
Automated Worktime
Tracking and Analysis

Automated Worktime
Tracking and Analysis

  • Clear detailed view of your employees' day‑to‑day activities
  • Accurate calculation of labor costs for operations
  • Search for the ways to cut labor costs


  • Track KPI deviations in real time
  • Flexibly configure sets of metrics and data visualization
  • Create complex dashboards without any coding


Software company developing solutions
for business analytics

15 years

helping businesses be more efficient

> 40 000

employees work more efficiently in companies that use our solutions

> 5 000

managers of different levels monitor their departments' work with our solutions
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