Acceleration of Customer Onboarding
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Acceleration of Customer

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  • Digitization and analysis of factoring request processing
  • Analysis of labor costs of all operations within the process
  • Evaluation of actual workload for employees and departments
  • Formulating recommendations for processes optimization


Setting up data collection

  • Gathering data from the company information systems
  • Automating monitoring of business activity for a detailed operation analysis


  • Built dashboards with as-is process maps and KPIs
  • Conducted in-depth analysis of operations within the process
  • Calculated labor costs for each operation within the process
  • Evaluated workload and labor contribution of employees and departments
  • Identified areas for streamlining the process
  • Assessed economic effects of process optimization
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Customer stories

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Mass Recruitment Optimization

Mass Recruitment Optimization

Optimization of Operations with Individuals

Optimization of Operations with Individuals


faster onboarding
Discovered critical frictions in the process
Assessed the potential for process automation
Found the ways to fix a problem of uneven workload distribution
Formulated recommendations for streamlining enterprise information systems
The combination of Task Mining and event logs from information systems provided us with a clearer understanding of how much time specialists spend on particular requests and which apps they use (email, office apps, etc.).
Andrey Glushak
Chief Information Officer at SberFactoring

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