Analysis of the Shared Services Center Operations
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Analysis of the Shared
Services Center

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  • Discovering real scenarios of operation execution
  • Comparison of actual execution variants with an ideal operation models
  • Highlighting the most labor-intensive operations
  • Identifying the ways to streamline operations


Setting up operational data collection

  • Deployment of Proceset Task Mining Clients on employees’ PCs
  • Launch of automatic employee performance monitoring


  • Calculated the number of executions for each operation
  • Estimated the labor cost for each operation
  • Indicated all possible scenarios of operation execution
  • Compared actual variants of operation execution with the ideal operation models
  • Assessed variations of operation execution of different employees
  • Detected the ways to optimize operations in the peak load periods
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Workload balance was achieved through evaluation of actual labor input and labor input reduction in the peak load periods
Credible labor cost calculation based on actual labor data
Reduction of time spent on operations
Implementing this project we not only reached significant operational impact, but also grew in-house competence. This competence will help us improve our processes and operations using Process Mining technology.
Vadim Feoktistov
Senior IT manager, MMK - Magnitogorsk Iron&Steel Works

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