Create custom analytical reports and dashboards with Proceset BI platform
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Classical BI solutions build reports based on historical data and that makes relevant decision-making more complicated. Proceset provides real-time data collection and analytics to initiate the most relevant actions and decisions.
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Proceset capabilities

Simple dashboard building

Create dashboards without any coding

Complete customization freedom

Tailor dashboards to your specific needs and expectations

Creating unique metrics

Add new KPIs that are relevant to your company and based on your own formulas

Unlimited visualization possibilities

Use pie charts, bubble charts, tables, graphs and many other visual components

How dashboarding
in Proceset works

Data collection

Automated data collection from corporate systems allows you to customize the frequency of data updates.

Creating data models

This tool allows analysts to create required connections between different sets of data.


Filters apply automatically when clicking on dashboard components.


Workspaces regulate access to dashboards of particular specialists and departments. A role model allows you to fine-tune access to reports and editing.

of using Proceset


Simple, intuitive and responsive interface


Displaying KPI changes in real time


Automated data loading directly from other corporate systems


Data-driven automation of actions and decisions

Individual online presentation
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