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Proceset active business
analytics platform

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Technologies behind Proceset

Business Intelligence

Create custom analytical dashboards

Process Mining

Control process execution and reveal all types of process inefficiencies

Task Mining

Monitor employees' performance to analyze labor costs and find ways for optimization


Automate actions and make data-based business decisions with preset automation scripts

Customer Journey Tracking

Analyze actual client path and interaction efficiency across channels

How it works

Task Mining Clients
Business Intelligence
Data visualization and KPI deviation control
Process Mining
Identification and resolution of business processes issues
Task Mining
Detailed action-level analysis of operations to reduce labor costs
Automated actions and data-based decisions powered by embedded scripts

Customers about Proceset

All objectives were successfully met. Enriching the Process Mining logs with data from Proceset Task Mining Clients offered priceless insights into the mass recruitment process.
Stepan Sharipov, Head of the Process Discovery department at MTS
With Proceset, we're getting an actual view of our operations: who's doing what, how long it takes, and how many people are involved. Sorting operations by labor costs pinpoints prime opportunities for automation and RPA that will bring the biggest economic effects.
Elizaveta Povalyaeva, Head of RPA center at Gazprombank
The combination of Task Mining and event logs from information systems provided us with a clearer understanding of how much time specialists spend on particular requests and which apps they use (email, office apps, etc.).
Andrey Glushak, Chief Information Officer at SberFactoring
We visualized the end-to-end personal loan origination process, capturing all its features and details. We were also able to obtain metrics, including the labor costs for each operation. Additionally, we realized that longer application processing times lead to higher customer churn rates.
Artyom Khvan, Head of Process Management and Organizational Development Department, Russian Agricultural Bank (RSHB)
Implementing this project we not only reached significant operational impact, but also grew in-house competence. This competence will help us improve our processes and operations using Process Mining technology.
Vadim Feoktistov, Senior IT manager, MMK - Magnitogorsk Iron&Steel Works

Individual online presentation

Proceset capabilities

Easy dashboard customization

  • No programming skills needed to create dashboards
  • Intuitive and responsive interface

Simple automation script builder

  • No coding needed to create automation scripts
  • Scripts perform embedded actions

Real-time data processing

  • All data coming to Proceset is immediately processed
  • Dashboards are always up-to-date

Employee performance monitoring

  • Detailed analysis of business operations
  • Proceset works in the background and does not slow PCs down
  • Only business actions are recorded – no personal data capture

Individual online presentation

Customer stories

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Mass Recruitment Optimization

Mass Recruitment Optimization
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