Business process excellence with the Proceset platform
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Proceset for Business Process Excellence

Get a profound insight into real business process execution. Proceset discovers new ways of streamlining the company's work.
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Advantages of end-to-end processes excellence

Higher productivity

Eliminate errors and problems to speed up business processes and enhance execution quality

Conformance checking

Control deviations from a standard business process model and identify root causes

Data-based optimization initiatives

Base decisions on information about actual process execution

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Proceset capabilities

As-is process mapping

Visualize all variants of actual process execution

Evaluating deviations
from optimal process

Identify the differences between the actual process and its ideal scenario

SLA conformance monitoring

Real-time monitoring of SLAs in key process areas

Detailed process stages

Analyzing processes at the level of business actions on PCs

Stages of business
process analysis

Exploring a business process
Gathering and processing data
Analytics and creation of dashboards
Proposing hypotheses for optimization

Individual online presentation
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