Time tracking and work analysis of your business with Proceset
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Proceset for Automatic Work Time Tracking and Analysis

Recording start and end of employees' workday is not enough. It is crucial to conduct thorough analysis of working hours to see the dynamics of relevant work efficiency KPIs.
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Proceset capabilities

Detailed work time analysis

See what employees and departments actually do.

Increasing employees' personal efficiency

Identify points of growth for employees' personal productivity.

Balanced workload

Prevent uneven workload distribution among employees and departments.

Monitoring employee burnout

Prevent employees' burnout by analyzing overtime, work on weekends, productivity reduction and other factors.

Stages of work time tracking and analysis


Data collection

  • Installing Proceset Task Mining Clients
  • Automated data collection of employees' business actions
  • Gathering additional event log data from HR systems, Microsoft Suite and other underlying systems for detailed analytics


  • General analysis of a workday including start, end and daily activity
  • Creating customized dashboards to track relevant KPIs
  • Evaluation of staff workload and task distribution, eliminating deviations from standards
  • Comparison of workload in different departments and subsidiaries


  • Precise work schedule deviation control
  • Overwork capture
  • Labor costs analysis for tasks, operations and projects
  • Objective evaluation of workload distribution among employees and departments
  • Fact-based calculation of the number of employees

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Automated work time analysis

Automated work time analysis

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