Automatic time tracking and analysis with Proceset
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Automated Work Time
Analysis of 23,000
Employees in a Top 3 Bank

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  • Automated Worktime
    Tracking and Analysis
  • Evaluation of personal employee performance
  • Creating dashboards for work time monitoring


Project launch

  • The quality of employees’ performance information is crucial. That is why we use two distinct sources of data: Proceset Task Mining Clients and banking information systems.

Data collection

  • Proceset's Task Mining Client records employees' business activities to provide detailed insights into how work time is distributed.
  • Proceset actively utilizes data from various corporate information systems, including CRM, BPMS, HR systems, IP telephony, PACS (Physical Access Control System), corporate calendars, and others.

Work time tracking and analysis

  • To make the data about employees' work time practically applicable, we have developed a comprehensive set of interactive reports, or dashboards. These Proceset dashboards present dynamics of key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.
  • Alongside reports covering the entire bank, we have created dashboards tailored to specific departments. These dashboards zoom in on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of distinct bank divisions.
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Customer stories

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Mass Recruitment Optimization

Mass Recruitment Optimization


Automated Worktime
Tracking and Analysis

23,000 employees

are under analysis using Proceset. This enables their managers to have a detailed view of working hours for monitoring and control.

Evaluation of personal employee performance

> 220,000 hours

Volume of daily analysis. This data provides valuable insights into employees’ performance and workload distribution.

Creating dashboards for operational monitoring

> 3,000 managers of different levels

Those are company leaders who supervise and analyze processes in their departments using Proceset dashboards.

of Proceset


Tracking work schedule deviations


Recording overworking and other deviations


The analysis of labor costs across tasks, projects and departments


Evaluation of workload distribution among employees and departments

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