Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process
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of Personal Loan
Origination Process

Top 5 bank in Russia unlocked $4 million per year in lost profits using detailed process analytics with Proceset
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  • Automate process execution data collection
  • Identify inefficiencies and process deviations
  • Discover the ways to streamline personal loan origination process

Proceset uses Process Mining and Task Mining technologies to analyze end-to-end business processes in details.

It allows companies to find root causes of bottlenecks and deviations in processes.

Explore how we optimized the personal loan origination process below.


Data collection

  • Deployment of Proceset Task Mining Clients on employees’ PCs
  • Extraction of log data from corporate systems


  • Defined relevant metrics for process analysis: execution time, request processing speed, etc.
  • Built dashboards with as-is process map and key metrics
  • Restored all scenarios of actual process execution
  • Uncovered reasons for deviations from an ideal process model
  • Found out that many clients did not reach funds disbursement stage due to frequent revisions of loan applications
  • Identified main reasons for loan applications revisions
  • Discovered the ways for process optimization
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Customer stories

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Mass Recruitment Optimization

Mass Recruitment Optimization

Optimization of Operations with Individuals

Optimization of Operations with Individuals


$4 million
revealed in lost profits per year
operations were analyzed with Proceset
business action capture
of clients refused to proceed after the “Revision” status of application
We visualized the end-to-end personal loan origination process, capturing all its features and details. We were also able to obtain metrics, including the labor costs for each operation. Additionally, we realized that longer application processing times lead to higher customer churn rates.
Artyom Khvan
Head of Process Management and Organizational Development Department, Russian Agricultural Bank (RSHB)

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