Optimization of company's processes and operations with Proceset
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547,000 hours in Labor
Costs Saved per Year
on Operations Involving

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  • Analyze all operations with individuals
  • Find ways to improve efficiency of operations with individuals
  • Evaluate effectiveness of performed operations


Data collection

  • Deployment of Proceset Task Mining Clients on employees’ PCs
  • Automation of process execution data collection


  • Automated business operations detection with unique AI algorithm
  • Automated the analysis of operations involving individuals
  • Identified operations with the most significant potential for optimization

Revealed the ways for process optimization

  • Formulated initiatives aimed to improve efficiency of operations involving individuals
  • Evaluated economic effects for each optimization initiative
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Customer stories

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Mass Recruitment Optimization

Mass Recruitment Optimization

547 000
hours per year in labor cost reduction

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