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Analysis in a Bank

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  • Digitize support service operations
  • Compare as-is process to a desired process state
  • Reveal problems of the process: delays, looping, bottlenecks and other
  • Set up automatic SLA (service-level agreement) conformance monitoring
  • Formulate the ways to optimize processes and eliminate errors


Set up process data collection

  • Downloaded data from corporate systems to Proceset
  • Automated business activity capture for detailed process analysis


  • Built dashboards with process maps and metrics
  • Created a report for automatic monitoring of SLA conformance
  • Detected KPI deviations and analyzed reasons for them
  • Highlighted common errors that slow down the process
  • Compared as-is process with desired process model
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Customer stories

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Analysis of Personal Loan Origination Process

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Acceleration of Customer Onboarding

Mass Recruitment Optimization

Mass Recruitment Optimization


optimization potential found
2 days 3 hours
make up the capacity for reducing a process
process executions analyzed
4 weeks
project length

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